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HWW systems uses environment modules, a package for managing user environments. Software such as compilers, libraries, tools and some widely used application codes are available to users via modules. Thus, in order to use a particular version of a particular piece of software you must first load its module. On log-in to the system a default collection of modules are available.

  • You can inspect which modules you have loaded currently by the command:
    module list
  • In order to inspect which modules are available to use, you can issue the command
    module avail
  • If you want to swap one currently loaded module for another that is not,
    module swap PrgEnv-pgi PrgEnv-gnu
    for example swaps the currently loaded CRAY PGI Programming version PrgEnv-pgi for CRAY own programming version PrgEnv-cray. This will switch several other modules to the corresponding choice.

For more details on using modules see CRAY: Using Modules or Module commands.