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HOME Directories

All user HOME directories for every compute node of the cluster are located on the I/O Server data1.dgrid.hlrs.de. The compute nodes and login node (frontend) have the HOME directories mounted via NFS. On every node of the cluster the path to your HOME is the same. The filesystem space on HOME is limited by a quota of 700MB!

Filesystem Policy


There is no backup of the user data! In case of hardware failure, the fail-tolerance of the RAID system itself allows to continue operating the system while the problem is fixed, but if the user deletes any data, there is NO way to recover inadvertently removed data.

Users have to backup critical data on their local site!

SCRATCH directories

Local Scratch

When allocating nodes with local disks (see table) using the batch queuing system (Torque), the /tmp on the compute nodes can be used as scratch. After your batch jobs are finished, the /tmp will be cleaned automatically. However, the local /tmp is located in memory, so it is really fast, but only 256 MB in size.

Global Scratch

Another scratch you can get are global space on shared filesystems. There is a shared filesystems available on DGRID/BW-Grid cluster:

  • lustre
    There is a 60 TB lustre file system available. It is connected via Infiniband to the cluster nodes. Use the [workspace mechanism] to obtain disk space on this file system. The file system is also available on the frontend.

If you experience problems with the file systems you may contact the system administrators.


There is a central long term storage for the bwGRiD located in Karlsruhe. Information about that storage can be found on the bwGRiD Web Page